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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 22, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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illegally in our country. we've had a huge impact. but the laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgrace. >> we believe cristhian rivera will have his first court appearance some time today but you can feel the community just torn up about this sort of asking the question why. everyone wants to know the motive. john? >> ryan young in iowa. thanks so much. feel for that family. a lot of news this morning, so let's stay on it. >> it was a wild day even in trump world. the president's campaign manager guilty, personal lawyer, guilty. >> there's no question donald trump is at the center of this. his fingerprints are all over the crime scene. >> he hasn't been convicted of anything. someone who is going to jail accusing him of something. >> maga now stands for "my attorney got arrested." >> paul manafort is a good man. this is a witch-hunt. it's a disgrace. >> manafort is facing a
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substantial amount of time. the question is whether he makes the calculation that it's better to cooperate. >> this is a tremendous victory for mueller's team. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." it's already been a long morning. it's wednesday, august 22, 8:00 in the east. sources tell cnn the white house is stunned and blindsided by the news that president trump's personal lawyer directly implicated the president of the united states as an unindicted co-conspirator of a federal crime. cohen testified under oath that the president told him to make hush money payments to two women who say they had affairs with the president for the "principle purpose of influencing the election." >> the words michael cohen used under oath, under oath, mind you, are that he broke the law in coordination with and at the direction of a candidate for
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federal office. in other words, the president told him to break the law. and michael cohen may not be done. cohen's attorney lanny davis was with us just moments ago here on "new day." he hinted cohen has information about the russian attack on the 2016 election and the president's knowledge of it. >> mr. cohen has knowledge that would be of interest to the special counsel about the issue of whether donald trump ahead of time knew about the hacking of e-mails, which is a computer crime that was the subject of the indictment of the 12 russians. >> it's a clear and deliberate tease from cohen's attorney lanny davis because davis would not tell us anything near about what that information allegedly is. davis says cohen is willing to testify without immunity publicly before congress and on top of all of this, the president's one-time campaign chair paul manafort was convicted on eight counts in his financial fraud trail.
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he faces years in prison. the president says he feels bad for him. but bad enough to pardon him? that's one of the questions. i want to bring in david cay johnston, former federal prosecutor jeffrey toobin and cnn political analyst david gregory. thank you all for being with us. jeffrey, since we last spoke, we have a little more information. we heard from lanny davis that michael cohen is willing to testify publicly under oath without immunity before congress at any time. that's interesting. you heard lanny davis say he believes there is evidence the president directed michael cohen to make these payments to stormy daniels and you heard lanny davis say michael cohen has more to say about the russia investigation. your thoughts? >> well, this is, of course, enormously important and it's already clear that trump's allies will try to portray michael cohen as a liar, someone who is trying to protect his own skin because he's exposed to so many years in prison and trump's
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supporters have a lot to work with. he -- cohen is a criminal. cohen has admitted to lying in the past. but he was also very close to donald trump and he is someone who has documented a lot of his life and i think one of the most important things we're going to learn in the next few weeks is what -- to what extent michael cohen's implicating story about the president can be corroborated. are there e-mails? are there tapes? are there financial records that show that michael cohen is telling the truth when he says that donald trump committed a crime. that is an enormously important question. we don't know the answer to that yes. >> david cay johnston, here's what michael cohen said in open court under oath "the payment to mcdougal was made at the direction of a candidate for federal office." adding it was made for the principle purpose of influence the election.
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the daniels payment was made at the coordination and direction for that same candidate for that same reason. tell us your thought this is morning. >> well, i think this points directly to a conspiracy, including one under new york state law and my column today at d.c. report" is about how cyrus vance, the district attorney of manhattan and barbara underwood, the attorney general of new york should be going after these issues because some of the crimes that cohen has confessed to are also state crimes and this is an opening to get into these matters in the event the mueller investigation is shut down. but we clearly now have from michael cohen statements about the manipulation of this election for a foul purpose and think of john edwards who was convicted of just that sort of crime. >> he was charged, he was not found guilty of that crime, although there are a lot of people who consider this to be a much stronger case here because there is a witness who will testify in court, michael cohen,
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that this happened and there also might be a paper trail. >> wire transfers and such. >> and documents. they've indicated there are documents in this case from the raid on his homes and offices. >> david gregory, we're getting reporting from our white house unit that says that president trump, while he always was fearful of what michael cohen might say, what kind of deal he might cut, the president did not know the extent that michael cohen was going to go in open courtroom under oath yesterday saying the president directed him to break the law. that's interesting. >> yeah, it is interesting and, you know, the obvious question is what is the president capable of? this is an impulsive person. if he feels cornered, what will he do? politically or using his power? it's something to watch for and i think this is what has a lot of republicans worried. core supporters of the president may believe what he's saying which is, look, this doesn't directly have to do with russian collusion. it doesn't.
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not yet. there may be more to come here. there are other people like michael flynn who are cooperating with the special prosecutor, don mcgahn, the president's white house counsel talked to the special prosecutor. the question of how the president responded to, interacted with, impacted the mueller investigation and questions of objection. so all of that is still out here. what we know so far is these are people close to the president. this reflects on his judgment, on what he did, what he said to the american people about stormy daniels so as a political matter democrats have a big best of confidence that they could pursue impeachment if they get a kind of mandate in the november election and if they have a report from mueller that would support pursuing high crimes and misdemeanors and republicans of all stripes who may not have been hard core trump supporters but may have liked other aspects of his presidency, you have to
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wonder whether there's eroding support for the drama, the corruption, judgment questions mounting for donald trump. >> for michael cohen, the campaign finance law conviction carries i think a five year prince sentence. is there a way for him to avoid any jail time whatsoever if he continues to give information and koomts on something else now? >> absolutely. his sentencing will be up to the judge in the documents that were filed yesterday. the government suggested that a sentence of approximately four years in prison for all the crimes would be appropriate. but one thing that federal judgings always reward is cooperation. if you agree to testify against others, if you make
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successfully, honestly other cases, you can get credit from the judge who sentences you. it's a tremendous incentive to cooperate and if michael cohen cooperates and it turns out to be truthful and effective, that could reduce his sentence. that's also true of paul manafort. paul manafort so far has shown no sign that he's cooperating, but he's now looking at the prospect of spending many years in prison, he's a 70-year-old man and he has two more legal anvils hanging over him -- the ten charges in which they were a hung jury and the case in washington so he has to make a tough decision about whether he wants to reduce his prison sentence if -- by cooperating as well. >> david kay johnson, you have looked into donald trump for years.
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>> michael cohen would know who was in what room and when trump was calling him trying to arrange things. dav in addition, that puts the cooperation itself at legal liability and we know trump's chief financial officer has been called before a grand jury so you put those together, the money trail from the trump organization and michael cohen's intimate knowledge from his years of traveling with donald
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trump and donald trump's nature which is he lies, he cheats, he steals, it's who he is and that's real trouble for the president. >> john, also remember, the president during the democratic convention said he called on the russians to hack the democratic party, find the quote/unquote missing e-mails from hillary clinton. later that day you have the wikileaks dump of those hacked e-mails. what the implication was from lanny davis is that perhaps michael cohen knows something about what the president knew about the timing of all of that. does he know about what was going to be released beforehand. that's an area that's directly speaking to russian collusion that the special prosecutor is looking at. by the way, the russians are still at work in the 2016 election as we discuss yesterday and cover yesterday and continues it's the russians and others as well. >> john berman has been calling
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all morning on trey gowdy to call him. has it happened? it hasn't. not yet. so i think that his point is that what will republicans do today? how will -- up until now there's been a pretty concerted voice of if robert mueller had anything we would have seen it by now, let's end this, present your conclusions, fish or cut bait. today will there be something different said? >> i doubt it. if there's been one consistent theme of the trump administration, it's been nearly unified republican support for the president. the only people on capitol hill who have uttered critical words about donald trump are republicans who are not running for reelection like bob corker in tennessee, like jeff flake in arizona. they are very much outcasts, very much out of the republican
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mainstream. the republican mainstream has surrounded and protected donald trump. i see no sign that even yesterday's developments will change that. there are only about two months till the midterms. the republicans won't turn their strategy now, they will say that there was no collusion proven, they will say michael cohen is a liar, they will say that this is all irrelevant to the larger story of a prosperous economy. the only investigation from capitol hill of donald trump will come if and only if the democrats retake one or both houses in congress. >> jeffrey toobin, david gregory, david kay johnson, thanks for being with us. what will democrats do about this? . will there be a public call for an moment proceeding? we will speak to the leader of the democratic party, senator elizabeth warren joins us next.
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warren. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. glad to be here. >> obviously you were paying attention like the rest of us yesterday. obviously you, like the rest of us, took note when michael cohen basically said in open court the president directed me to break the law. so i pose the question, what will congress do about this? do you think that alone is grounds for impeachment? >> what congress needs to do right now is we need to make sure that special prosecutor mueller is fully protected from being fired by donald trump. donald trump made clear there's only one thing he cares about and that's protecting his own skin. so he's talked and talked and talked about the special prosecutor. this is obviously a serious on going investigation. it's already produced more than two dozen indictments or guilty pleas. so for me at this moment we what we ought to being down on capitol hill, democrats and republicans, is passing a law that says the president cannot
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interfere with that investigation and cannot fire the special prosecutor. >> i want to come back to the special prosecutor in one secon second. this is a guilty plea in the southern district of new york. this is done. this isn't about the special counsel anymore in terms of michael cohen. this is michael cohen saying the president directed me to break a law, directed me to break a campaign finance law. in and of itself, there, is that grounds for impeachment? >> the question you're asking is about the president of the united states and what i'm saying is we have an ongoing investigation that has been in place that is much more sweeping, that is much broader than simply the one thing that happened 234 new york court yesterday. if you really want to look at what donald trump has done and what kind of responsibility he should have, let's get that investigation finished as well. look at the trial yesterday that yielded eight convictions.
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it had multiple counts in it because there were multiple acts of wrongdoing. and this is what prosecutors do all the time. they get all the pieces together and they say now that i've got all the pieces together, i'm ready to bring charges. >> i totally understand that. in so far as it relates to the president, there are these justice department guidelines that a president can't be indicted so it would ultimately be a political decision about how to deal with the president of the united states and what i'm hearing from you, senator, and what i've heard from you in your interviews in the last few months -- and you're not alone -- is a reluctance to talk about the "i" word. why would you be nervous to say h hey, i think the house judiciary committee should look at this and see if this is a impeachable offense. >> i'm not nervous but i want to be effective. and the way any of us are effective is to say let's get all of the evidence. let's get all of the pieces out there. protect robert mueller, let him
5:21 am
finish his investigation, let him make a full and fair report to all of the american people. and when we've got that, then we can make a decision on what the appropriate next step is. >> there's a report in nbc news that there's essentially a democratic -- in case of emergency break glass plan if the president figures out a way to fire robert mueller. is that true? are you party to that? what would it be? >> i think there's no doubt that if the president fires robert mueller he creates a constitutional crisis and what that means is that we're going to need people on both sides of the isle to step up and say no, we are still a nation of laws and no one in this country, not even the president of the united states is above the law. >> you this week have proposed sweeping anti-corruption laws.
5:22 am
anything in here that would pertain directly to michael cohen or paul manafort? >> oh, you bet. in fact, to both of them. michael cohen, one of the things that i propose in this bill is we put a halt to the influence peddling that michael cohen didn't get charged with because it's perfectly legal. that is if michael cohen is going to take more than half a million dollars from big companies like at&t and novartis, that he has to register as a lobbyist. and once he registers as a lobbyist, under my law, every interaction he has with an elected official -- that would mean the president of the united states -- has to be noted on a calendar and any pieces of paper or information that he gives them has to be disclosed. one of the consequences of that would be to try to shut down at least another piece of the influence puddling in washington that has become so routine that big corporations say, oh, somebody new an office, let's
5:23 am
figure out how we can spend our money to influence them. no, if people are going to be elected to public office then by golly they're supposed to be working in the public interest, not in the interest of people who can pay a half million dollars for lobbyists. over on the manafort side, can i just say on that one, my bill says let's take the worst parts of lobbying and make them flatly illeg illegal. foreign countries and foreign actors should not be able to hire americans to lobby the united states government. if they want to influence the united states government, use your consul, that's what it's about. >> i want to get one last question in here because it's a very important story in the news, meteorolonew news, mollie tibbetts, the young woman murdered in iowa. the person who allegedly murdered her is an undocumented
5:24 am
immigrant. mike pence and the president have suggested the laws need to be stronger so people like this were not in the country. >> i'm so sorry for the family and i know this is hard not only for the people in her community, the people throughout iowa. but one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are. last month i went down to the border and i saw where children had been taken away from their mothers, i met with their mothers who had been lied to, who didn't know where their children were and there was no plan for how they would be reunified with their children. i think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat and i don't think mamas and babies are the place we should be spending our resources. separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer. >> senator elizabeth warren from
5:25 am
massachusetts, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> alisyn? up next, new reporting on how the white house plans to fight back against michael cohen's claims and guilty plea connected to the president.
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cnn has learned that president trump and his team are working to discredit michael cohen as a liar and a non-credible witness after cohen's bombshell guilty plea that implicates president trump in coordinating and directing hush money payments to two women that say they had affairs with mr. trump. joining us now is matt schlapp, the chairman of the american conservative union and former political director for george w. bush. good morning, matt. >> good morning, alisyn. >> can you just share with us your reaction when you heard that michael cohen pleaded guilty to paying these two women and that he did so at the direction of donald trump to influence the 2016 presidential election? >> i come in from out of town and was watching the news first break out on twitter and then was able to get to a television set and there's no question it was a news-filled and a fairly
5:30 am
shocking day. >> does it affect your support of donald trump? >> the fact that michael cohen pled to these charges? not at all. i think michael cohen is someone who, like paul manafort, who had an elaborate scheme to not pay their taxes and committed a lot of financial crimes and in cohen's case, because they had him over a barrel, because they had all these crimes that they could prosecute him for they got him to sign a plea that was not negotiated, it was take it or leave it and he signed it to save his own hide and get a reduced sentence. >> just to be clear, you don't believe president trump directed him to make those payments to those two women and that it was to influence the presidential race? >> well, all i can tell you is cohen taped a lot of his conversations with the president so if michael cohen has some kind of proof that that happened, we'll see it. i don't believe that proof
5:31 am
exists. i think what happens -- >> here's the proof -- >> if i could answer the question. i believe what happened is michael cohen pled to charges that are actually not crimes according to the fec but are an attempt to try to do anything to connect cohen's wrongdoing to potential wrongdoing. >> let me challenge you on a couple things. obviously there are campaign finance laws and you're not allowed to make payments in order to mislead the american voter into voting for you, number one. >> this -- >> just so that -- >> i want to respond when you're done. >> i would like you to. when you say there's no evidence, michael cohen testified in open court, there are wire transfers that show from the trump organization the money going to michael cohen and that money going to a porn star and a "playboy" model.
5:32 am
>> right. >> there are the stories of the two women who say they had affairs with mr. trump. you don't believe any of that? >> what i'm answering your question on is i don't believe that the transactions associated with these two people are fec crimes and i believe that michael cohen pled guilty to crimes in the plea deal that aren't in fact crimes. alisyn, can you name any other person who's been convicted of trying to squelch a story in the "national enquirer"? name the name. >> what i think you're doing is a lot of fancy rhetorical footwork -- >> i'm answering your question. >> my question to you was does at all affect your support of donald trump knowing these things? >> what, the fact that donald trump had an extravagant life-style -- >> and may have had affairs with these two women that he paid off in hush money? >> i grew up outside of new york city for a number of years, i
5:33 am
read all about donald trump. nobody in my party or nobody of the folks that made up the trump coalition were naive to the fact of the life he had. >> so you were okay with those things. >> no, i never said i was okay with those things. >> you support him. >> i support him strongly. >> so we have to connect the dots. >> alisyn, i would like a minute here. >> he's an unindicted co-conspirator in these campaign finance laws. >> i would like this interview to be along the same tone as elizabeth warren just had. ask your questions and let me answer them. >> i'd like that, matt, but you have to answer my questions and not redirect. >> i get to do whatever i want. >> no, you don't. >> i have a first amendment right to answer. i will answer any question you pose to me. if you're going to turn this into a morals case against donald trump what the reason for the special counsel was to determine whether or not there was collusion with putin's
5:34 am
government, i think that that is the ultimate redirect and i think it bas tarrize iz bastard >> i'm asking you about legal questions and how you feel about knowing now that michael cohen has testified under oath that president trump directed this. >> this is not a crime. it's not a crime. >> it is a campaign finance law violation. >> it is not. it is not. name a person in this country who has been prosecuted for this alleged crime that you say occurred. name the name. >> michael cohen. >> michael cohen was not prosecuted. >> he pled guilty. >> it's a plea deal, alisyn. it's much different from a conviction in court. >> you're splitting hairs. >> it's not a crime. >> let's move on. you're saying michael cohen just pleaded guilty to a non-crime which seems bad legal advice. >> no, i'm not a lawyer and i
5:35 am
think what happens with rich people -- cnn might have employed people in this case, too. people who are famous, people who are rich, face bad stories and take steps to squelch those stories -- >> and they rarely plead guilty to those fake stories. >> nobody has pled guilty except michael cohen because they had him dead to rights -- >> no, i want to answer your question because john brennan is pointing out that -- i have your answer, i have your answer. >> no, you don't! >> yes, i do. the former political operative tyler harper served two years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 2015 to setting up a super pac and lying about it to the fbi. >> that's a different story. he wasn't squelching a story that could harm his reputation which you are allowed to do in america. what john is referring to is the misuse of campaign dollars that you told donors you would spend for one reason and you spend for
5:36 am
another reason. >> i want to move on. michael cohen pleaded guilty to a crime. >> the crime is tax evasion. what they have him dead to the rights on -- >> he also pleaded guilty to making these payments. >> which are not crimes. >> then he got some lousy legal advice for pleading guilty to something that could bring him -- >> he's staying out of prison. >> you don't know that, matt. he's looking at four years in prison. he hasn't been sentenced yet. >> he's going to get a reduced crime because he turned on donald trump and that's a fact. >> and he might go to prison. >> for a shorter time. >> your wife mercedes works in a communications -- >> who you have a high regard for, right? >> she's lovely. she's lovely. and i wonder if she shared with you what the reaction in the white house was is? >> as i told you i was out of town. >> did off conversation with her about it? >> we had a conversation about who was going to bring my daughter to tennis camp and we were able to have a quick conversation this morning about the fact that we have a date
5:37 am
night tonight. >> where are you going to go? >> to the kennedy center and watch t color purple and hopefully get away from politics for at least a couple hours. >> sounds lovely. matt schlapp, thank you very much. >> thank you, alisyn. >> everyone can agree on date night. >> we are for that. >> there have been people convicted who have served time for campaign finance violations, period, full stop, they have. >> the point is i felt he was splitting legal hairs. >> he is. >> michael cohen pleaded guilty and in open court he talked about donald trump having directed him. republicans like matt and others will have to give their response and we appreciate matt giving his response to that. >> before date night. an undocumented immigrant accused of killing a missing iowa college student. what led to the break in this case.
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an autopsy is planned today on the body believed to be that of missing iowa college student mollie tibbetts. she vanished a month ago. an undocumented immigrant has
5:42 am
been charged in her death. we have the latest from iowa. >> so many people upset about this. they wanted a different ending. look at this video from yesterday at the news conference as we started getting those details. friends so very upset. choking up. it was hard to be there. the undocumented immigrant, cristhian rivera has been charged with first degree murder. he's been talking to investigators. even led them to where he said he dumped the body so you can understand the pain. he said he saw her running, got out of his car and started running alongside of her and then he blacked out and this is becoming political. listen to donald trump talking about this case just last night. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in very sadly from mexico. and you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young
5:43 am
wom woman. it should have never happened. illegally in our country. we've had a huge impact but the laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgra disgrace. >> so many cases in this case but you have to think about her family and the pain they're going through. alisyn, this is so heart breaking. >> it's also chilling to think this was a random crime of opportunity. it's really chilling. ryan young, thank you very much for all of that reporting. two of the president's top men now convicted felons. we're going to get the bottom line with carl bernstein next.
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5:47 am
we have breaking news. the first reaction from president trump to the guilty plea from his one time lawyer michael cohen. >> read it. >> this is interesting. this is donald trump writing. if anyone is looking for a good
5:48 am
lawyer i would strongly suggest you don't retain the services of michael cohen. >> are you sure that's donald trump writing? >> there are no spelling error there is, strongly suggest doesn't sound like the president. i guess it's a somewhat amusing response to a very serious moment in this presidency. michael cohen stood in an open courtroom yesterday under oath and basically said the president directed me to break the law. let's get the bottom line on all of this. carl bernstein was part of the "washington post" report team reporting on watergate. carl, look, this happened yesterday when michael cohen stood up and said the president directed me to break the law, people said not since watergate have we seen something like this. your reaction? >> well as you know i've said before what we're seeing is worse than watergate because in watergate the system worked and
5:49 am
until yesterday when we finally saw some action in the judicial branch in which the rule of law has apparently had real effect, the system has not been working but more than anything what we are seeing now is the egregious conduct of the man who is the president of the united states with no regard for the rule of law before he was president, in his campaign or as president of the united states and this's what makes this whole situation so dangerous. >> what does it mean the president of the united states is now an unindicted co-conspirator in the breaking of a federal law? >> well, there's the political dimension of it and there's the legal dimension. we have a long way to go and we
5:50 am
need more information and that's what the mueller investigation is all about and this is no witch-hunt as any fair-minded person ought to be able to see with great clarity. it's anything but a witch-hunt. it's an attempt to get at the truce and the truth we are learning we are beginning to understand why the president of the united states, donald trump, has covered up since he took office almost everything having to do with his response in terms of the facts regarding the mueller investigation and to make the issue the conduct of the mueller investigation, the fbi, hillary clinton, democrats, deep state rather than his own egregious conduct, including in this coverup and obstruction of justice that mr. mooufrl obviously has a very strong case on but also the whole question
5:51 am
of mr. trump keeps saying no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. the evidence would point to anything but what he is saying. the trump tower meeting at which his son attended and said i love it when told by representatives holding out the possibility of russians providing information. the russian government, on hillary clinton to the trump campaign. that meeting in trump tower was an open invocation to collusion, the people around him, michael flynn among others, seem to be accused of collusion, the former national security adviser. this investigation will tell us if trump allows it to go forward the extend and whether or not that collusion extends to the president of the united states himself. >> carl, on the trump tower meeting, because there is some new information on that and you had done some reporting and the
5:52 am
reporting was that michael cohen has been telling people he was willing to testify to robert mueller that donald trump had knock of the trump tower meeting before. the president of the united states had knowledge of the trump tower meeting beforehand. well now i just spoke to lanny davis, he was on tv, lanny davis is saying that's not the case, cohen doesn't have information exactly the that president trump knew beforehand and richard burr of the intelligence community yesterday and mark warner came out and said they reached out the cohen to reach out. >> i don't know what mr. cohen actually knows and what is in his head but i believe what repowe know that he wanted to tell the
5:53 am
prosecutors that he knew that trump had advanced knowledge of that meeting. but in terms of what the facts are as opposed to what his representatives and people purporting to be speaking before and about him with knowledge of what he supposedly knew and was. -- "shopping around," that's as far as the story went. but in terms of what the actual facts are, that's exactly why he needs to be thoroughly interrogated by the prosecutors and by the congress as well. >> carl, we have already heard some republicans begin what i believe will be the talking point today which is you can't trust michael cohen.
5:54 am
he's had different stories, he's a known liar, look, he's a convicted felon, that is rich, he's a convicted felon because he just told the truth in a court case and pled guilty to it. but in any event that is what they are beginning to say and what should americans know about that talking point? >> i think what americans need to do is to pay as much attention as they can just as those of us in the media need to pay as much attention as we can to the factual record as it emerges through these very, very complicated events and they are very complicated to parse. but the fact is that indeed mr. cohen is a liar, has been a liar and that point has to be
5:55 am
conceded. however, it is unthinkable at least from the years that i cover the court and the judiciary to think that experienced prosecutors would accept this plea and put in the pleadings themselves, the language that they did without having corroboration to some extent from cohen's notes, from audio recordings, they have as we know millions of documents from the raid on his offices, on his computer devices so i think it's a fair assumption that his information has been checked out pretty well and when he says -- also we heard a bit of it ourselves in the audio recording that was released a couple weeks ago that both mr. giuliani and mr. avenatti and others have all discussed on the air.
5:56 am
that recording itself goes somewhat toward what we're talking about today but i think you've got to think the prosecutors know what they're doing here. >> carl bernstein, great to have you with us to put this in to bigger perspective. again, a man in open court under oath said the president told him to break the law. much more to discuss, including the president's first reaction. poppy harlow picks it up after a quick break. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. like these for only $2 or less at office depot officemax.
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♪ good morning, i'm poppy harlow in new york. two of the president's former right hand men will felons and the white house is ready to fight -- unleash a new strategy, paint the president's former fixer as a liar. and the president with this message moments ago. quote, if anybody is looking for a good lawyer, i would strongly suggest you don't retain the services of michael cohen. michael cohen implicate it had president in a hush money scheme. cohen says then-candidate trump directed him to pay off the form p former "playboy" playmate. cohen's attorney says his client is ready to tell all to


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